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Turkey Postal Code (in Turkish - Posta Kodu):-

The first postal service in Turkey was established in 1840, still in the Ottoman Empire, to enable the sultans to develop foreign correspondence. The facility is located in the courtyard of a new mosque in Istanbul. A few years later, they added another telegraph. In 1871 the two companies were merged into the Ministry of Post and Telegraph. The situation changed: soon after the demand for packages and travel was high. Soon after the beginning of the century, the first telephone company was established in Istanbul. The services provided have increased over time. In 1995, PTT - the company's name - privatized and divided into several small companies, including Türk Telekom. To this day, the post office in Turkey is called "Post ve Telgraf Teşkilatı Genel Müdürlüğü". Headquartered in Ankara, the Posts are still the fastest growing postal service in the country today.
In Turkey, postal code is a five-digit number made just like in Germany or in France. When the postal code system was implemented, the French model was followed, which at that time already included all five digits. Postal code in Turkish is called a??post kodua??. The first two digits of the numerical system corresponding to the region are also found in the license plate. Moreover, these two numbers correspond to the number of international code ISO 3166-2: TR. The last digit represents the position. Because cities can also define certain regions.
Although 3% of Turkeya??s territory is located on the European continent (Eastern Thrace) and the largest city, Istanbul, is separated by a border, postal code applies to the entire country. Edirne, a city in the west, bordering the three countries of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, for example, uses a postal code of 22000. The most populous city, Istanbul, has in this sense the code two separate zones for each continent. However, the postal code is only one: 34000. Please note: in 39 districts, the last three all refer to a different district. Below, you can find the important postal code for his letter in Turkey:
Prophecy: 35,000
Ankara: 06000

What is Turkey address format?

Ahmet Korkmaz
Etiler Mah
Badem Sok. Toprak Apt. No:13 K:4 D:8
34732 Besiktas / Istanbul

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