Switzerland Postal Code

Switzerland Post code

The Swiss Post was once established on 1 January 1849 with the purpose of delivering letters, parcels, people, and cash transfers. Initially, shipments had been transported by way of education and establishing with 1903 onwards had been used vehicles. Since 1906 there exists Postbank bank. In 1920 they began with the areas of telephony and telegraphy. In 1997, as a result of liberalization, the Post has been divided into two groups: the organization with the identical name is accountable for letters, parcels, banking, and transport of humans and Swisscom manages the telecommunications network. In January 2013, the post office has been changed into a joint-stock company.

ZIP codes in Switzerland

The Swiss postal codes were introduced June 26, 1964, as the third country in the world, after Germany and the United States. The Swiss postal code and 4 digits. Postal codes do now not have any political significance, due to the fact a municipality may additionally have specific ZIP and the equal postal code can additionally be used for quite a number of municipalities. The Swiss system is also related to the Principality of Liechtenstein. In addition, the German town of Büsingen and the Italian enclave of Campione d'Italy have a Swiss postal code.

The Swiss postal code system

The postal code consists of 4 figures, every of them giving us a geographic information. The first number defines the zone, whilst the second number indicates the region. For example: 1xxx - Western Switzerland (South), 10xx - Region Lausanne, Echallens (north-west). The numbering starts west and continues to the east. The third number is meaningless. The fourth number specifies the destination. Important postal codes are 8000-8099 for Zurich, Bern 3000-3030, 9000-9029 St. Gallen and 4000-4059 for Basel.
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