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Republic Of Macedonia  postal codes

Macedonian postal codes are four digits long. The distribution centre, also known as a post-center, is represented by the first numeric character, whereas the post office is defined by the last three numbers. The postal code is entered before the country in Macedonia,

for example:

Mrs. Ana Stechla Gruev,

Skopje-1000, Macedonia

Skopje ZIP codes and several additional Macedonian ZIP codes

The following is a list of the zip codes for Macedonia's major cities. The following is a list of zip codes in numerical order:

1200 Tetovo

1230 Gostivar

1250 Debar

1000 Skopje

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General information on Macedonia

Macedonia is a landlocked country located in southeast Europe. The Socialist Republic of Macedonia was created in 1944, became part of the Republic of Yugoslavia in 1946, and declared independence in 1991. Macedonia is a typical exodus country. Between 1912 and 1944, the first big wave of refugees left the country. The second wave of emigration began in 1970 as a result of the economic crisis. A total of 300,000 Macedonians travelled to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to work as guest workers. The majority of them were Macedonians of Albanian ancestry. They have also brought their families to the West after Macedonia's independence.

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What is Republic Of Macedonia address format?

Home Delivery:

Petar Petrovski
“Ilindenska” 2/1-8
1020 Skopje

Post Box Delivery

Petar Petrovsk
P.FAH-20 (Post Box)
1020 Skopje

What is Republic Of Macedonia Zipcode Format?
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