Poland Postal Code

Poland Postal Code

Postal codes were first used in Poland in 1973. Divided into two sections of two and three digits each, they each contain five numbers. Ten main regions have been established across the country (not following the administrative divisions at the time, Poland was divided into 17 voivodeships, then 49, now 16). To identify a specific location, the second, third, and fourth digits of a postal delivery branch's number are utilised; the final two are the number of a regional sorting office.

PO Box lobbies at the major post offices may have their own unique postal codes for clients who receive significant amounts of mail.

In Poland, the city/town/locality name is preceded by the postal code, for as 00-001 Warszawa.

What is Poland address format?


Jan Kowalski
Ul. Wiejska 4/6
00-902 Warszawa
Poland (Polska)

Po Box

Jan Kowalski
Skrytka Pocztowa Nr 266
60-700 Poznan 2

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