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Netherlands Postal code:-

In the Netherlands, the zip code was first used in 1978. Four numbers and two letters make up the ZIP code. The area is defined by the first two digits, while the city, village, or neighbourhood is defined by the last two numbers. The neighbourhood and street are defined by the remaining two letters. Due to historical events, letter combinations such as SS, SA, and SD are no longer utilised. The CAP system includes a unique code in addition to the house number, which is not just used for the mailing address. For example, it is frequently employed in the frame of bicycles, for identification in the event of theft, or to collect population data.

TNT demolished the Netherlands Mail PostNL, a state-owned firm that transports letters and parcels, in May 2011. In addition, the PostNL engages in e-commerce businesses. Its offices can be found in the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. TNT Express is still owned by PostNL, which owns 29.9% of the company after the separation.
The postal code of Amsterdam changes depending on the area and it is included between 1011 and 1109. If you want to know a specific postal code, please use our search for postal codes.

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Thomas Van Der Landen
Boschdijk 1092
5631 Av Eindhoven

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