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Mexican Postal Code:-

SEPOMEX (Servicio Postal Mexicano) is the organisation responsible for issuing postal codes in Mexico (Mexican Postal Service). They have five digits and are based on the ZIP Code system used in the United States. The first two numbers indicate a state (or a portion of a state), and allocations are made alphabetically by state name, with the exception of codes in the 0xxxxxx–1xxxxxx range, which designate the delegaciones (boroughs) of Mexico City, which are assigned alphabetically by state name.

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Alejandro RamÍRez
C. Francisco I. Madero No. 115
Col. Nuevo Casas Grandes Centro
31700 Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chih


Ing. Juan RodrÍGuez Altamirano
FarmacÉUtica Altamirano
Av. Durango No. 264 Int. 1
Col. Primer Cuadro
81200 Los Mochis, Ahome, Sin.

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Postal Codes formatting