Kazakhstan Postal Code

Kazakhstan Postal Code /  Kazakhstan Zip Code

 Kazakhstan is located in central Eurasia, between Russia and China. A postal code is essentially used to organize postal services throughout a nation. On April 20, 2006, the President of Kazakhstan issued a statement establishing six-digit postal codes.
For example, take the following postal code: - 141001.
The first two digits "14" represent the province, the next two digits represent the district, and the last two digits "01" represent the post office code.
Kazakhstan now has codes established for three cities and fourteen regions. Almaty and Astana are the country's past and present capitals, respectively, and have unique status on an equal basis with the regions.

What is Kazakhstan address format?

Home Delivery:

Batyrov Serik Erlanovich 
ul. Ryskulbekov, dom16, kv 224 

Post Box  Delivery

Sydykova Aiman Abishevna 
a/ya 102 po box

What is Kazakhstan Zipcode Format?
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