Japan Postal Code

Japan Postal Code:-

Japan Postal code system was created by Japan post to identify the graphical area and locate places in Japan, and they have used the format of NNN-NNNN,
The first two digits represent f the 47 prefectures. The next digit for one of a set of adjacent cities in the prefecture. The next two for a neighborhood, and the last for a street in a city (408-0301 to 408-0307 for the Mukawa-cho neighborhood in Hokuto). representing one of the six major geographical regions, and the second representing a smaller region within that region.

What is Japan address format?

Ms. Hanako Tanaka
3Rd Fl. Rm. B
4-3-2 Hakusan
Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo 112-0001

What is Japan Zipcode Format?
Postal Codes formatting