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About Valle D'Aosta

The Aosta Valley (Italian: Valle d'Aosta) is a mountainous region of Italy in the northwestern part of the country. Avergne-Rhone-Alpes and Valais are to the west; Piedmont and Italy are to the south and east. Aosta is the capital of the area.

Over an area of 3,263 km2, it has about 128,000 people living there. It is the smallest, least populous, and least densely populated area of Italy. Province of Aosta was broken up in 1945, and the Aosta Valley area was first in Italy to get rid of provincial divisions. The regional government takes care of the administrative work for the provinces. The area is broken up into 74 communities (French: communes).

The official languages are Italian and French, but the people who live there also speak Valdotain, which is a dialect of Franco-Provencal. 77.29% of people speak Italian as their first language, 17.91% speak Valdotain, and 1.25 percent say they also speak French as their mother tongue. In 2009, it was said that 50.53 percent of the people could speak all three languages.

The Valle d'Aosta is a mountainous area in the northwest of Italy. In the English language, it is called the Aosta Valley, or the Aosta Valley in French.

in both English and Italian, the region is called Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta and Region Autonome Vallee d'Aoste (in French). Aosta is the capital city of the country.

The valley goes to Mont Blanc. The way out of Italy goes to the North-West. It was used by Roman armies, and the evidence is in the archaeological artefacts found in Aosta, which show that. Town: Aosta has been both French and Italian for a long time, and the street names have been both French and Italian for a long time.

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