Umbria Italy Postal Code


About Umbria

Umbria is one of the twenty regions of Italy. It is in the middle of the country, near the sea. It is one of the smallest places in Italy. It has a capital city called Perugia, and it is in Italy.

It is the only part of the world that doesn't have a coast or a border with another country.

Umbria is a place in central Italy. Is made up of Lake Trasimeno and Marmore Falls, and it is crossed by the Tiber River. It is the only part of the Apennine Peninsula that isn't on the sea. It is the capital of the region.

Assisi is a World Heritage Site because it is where St. Francis of Assisi lived and worked. The region is made up of hills, mountains, valleys, and historical towns like the university town of Perugia, Assisi, and other places.

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