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There is a region of Italy called Calabria in the southern part of the country. Ionian Sea: It is on the north, Basilicata is to the east, Ionian Sea: to the south, and Strait of Messina: to the west. It has almost 2 million people living in an area of about 15,222 square kilometres. It is the tenth most populous and the tenth largest Italian region by area. People live in Reggio Calabria, which is the region's largest city. Catanzaro is the region's capital. Calabria is the 14th most productive place in the country, with a lot of food and jobs. The largest national park in Italy is the Pollino National Park, which has 192,565 acres. It is also one of the 50 largest in the world, making it one of the 50 largest in the world.

This is how it worked: Calabria was first to get the name Italy and the first place to be called Italy because it was home to people who lived there. In ancient times, the name Calabria meant not the toe but the heel of Italy, from Tarentum to Salento, which is now called Salento.

When Calabria was first used, it was only used for the Salento peninsula in modern Apulia. The Adriatic coast of the peninsula was called Calabria back then. Augustus, the Roman emperor, divided Italy into different areas in the late first century BC and gave each one a name. This name came to refer to the whole Salento. Regio II Apulia et Calabria is the name given to the whole region of Apulia in Italy. Modern Calabria was still called Bruttium, which was named after the Bruttians who lived there at the time. AD 7: The Byzantine Empire made the Duchy of Calabria later that century. It took parts of Bruttium that were in the Salento and the Ionian part and put them together. Even though the Longobards took over the part of the duchy that was in Calabria in the 8th and 9th centuries AD, the Byzantines kept using the name Calabria for the rest of the duchy.

In the past, the southern part of modern Calabria was called Italia. The name Italy comes from that name. For a long time, the Greeks used it for the whole south-eastern part of Italy as well. After the Romans took over the region, the name was used for the whole of Italy and the Alpine region, too.

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