Somogy Hungary Postal Code


About Somogy

Somogy is an administrative county (comitatus or megye) in present Hungary, as well as in the Kingdom of Hungary that used to be.

Somogy County is in south-western Hungary, near the border with Croatia (Koprivnica-Krievci County and Virovitica-Podravina County), and it is home to a lot of people. It goes from the river Drava to the southern shore of Lake Balaton. This is a big area. It is near the Hungarian counties of Zala, Veszprem, Fejer, Tolna, and Baranya, and it has a lot of land. It is the county with the fewest people in Hungary. Kaposvar is the capital of Somogy County, and it is in the middle of the county. It is 6,036 km2.

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