Pest Hungary Postal Code


About Pest

Pest is a county (megye) in the middle of Hungary. It has an area of 6,393.14 square kilometres (2,468.41 sq miles), and there are 1,213,090 people living there (2009). A lot of people live in the county's suburbs, where 65.2 percent of the people live in 2009. It's near the country's capital, Budapest. Borders: It's near Slovakia and the Hungarian counties of Nograd, Heves, Jasz-Nagykun - Szolnok, Bacs-Kiskun, Fejer, and Komarom-Esztergom in Hungary. The Danube River runs through the county. The county is near the river. The capital of Pest County is Budapest, which is separate from the county administratively. At least until 2020, the European Union will stop giving the county money because of how quickly Budapest has grown.

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