Heves Hungary Postal Code


About Heves

Heves is in the north of Hungary, and it is a city. It is between the right bank of the Tisza River and the Matra and the Bukk Mountains, which are on the other side. Counties in Hungary: Pest, Nograd, Borsod-Abaj-Zemplen, Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok, and Pest-Nograd share a border with this country. The county seat is Eger.

Heves is a small town in Hungary in the eastern part of the country. It is 100 km east of Budapest and lies on the Great Hungarian Plain. It is near the hills Matra and Bukk, and it is near the Tisza River, which flows through the area to the west of it. Heves is the name of the county, but it is not its capital and it is the fourth-largest town in the county. As you head north, you'll see a big city called Eger about 40 km away on your left. Heves is an important transportation centre for the towns and farms in southern Heves County.

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