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About Baranya

A megye (county) in southern Hungary called Baranya is named after the river. When Hungary was a country, it was called a "comitatus" or "county" (comitatus) and it was in this area for a long time, starting in about the 11th century. One of the 19 counties in Hungary was made a part of a larger Soviet administrative territorial reform after World War II. It was made a county in 1950 as part of this reform. You can find it to the northwest of Somogy County; to the north of Tolna County; east of Bacs-Kiskun County; and south of Croatia (part of which is formed by a river).

As of the 2011 census, there were 386,441 people living there. It is the 10th-largest and the 10th-largest county in Hungary, not including the capital city of Budapest. It is the county seat and the largest city.

When it comes to German, it's called the Komitat Branau. In Croatian, it's called Baranjska upanija (Baranja).

It's possible that the county was named after its first name, "Brana" or "Braina."

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