Hong Kong Postal Code


Hong Kong Postal Code / Hong Kong Zip code 

Postal codes are not utilized in Hong Kong, unlike in many other nations, because the Hong Kong Post considers it unnecessary to use one. The People's Republic of China's leading postal service, China Post, has assigned 999077 (9-series codes) as the Hong Kong postal code, though it is only occasionally used when sending mail from mainland China. Thus, Zip code 999077 is used for addressing. Because this code isn't utilized by China Post in Hong Kong, it is generally unknown. 

Because Hong Kong is so small, postal codes have never been implemented because they offer little value to the already-efficient postal service. City officials once considered a post-code system for the city in 2000, but it was not implemented. To prevent mail from being delayed or lost, the Hong Kong Post suggests using the recipient's name, flat number, building character, house number, street, and village or district when addressing letters. 

The name of a postal codes in Hong Kong is a series of 6-digits that is appended to an address to sort a post.

If you are needed to enter a Hong Kong postcode on a website or parcel, The Hong Kong zip code list has the same zip code for all regions, that is 999077. or  you may leave the field blank or try to fill it in with  "000000" or "HKG", 

3 digit alphanumeric Post office codes are assigned to all 124 Post office boxes (including 3 mobile Post Offices)  in Hong Kong and post office which are used by companies and organizations for their addresses.

There are around 1,000 Street Posting Boxes.  Postmen collect the parcel to deliver to Post Offices. 

Why Postcode System is not adopted in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong's peoples don't use postcodes because of the following reasons:

1. Hongkong Post's automated letter sorting system is capable of recognising and sorting over 90% of postal items with printed or handwritten English addresses as well as printed Chinese addresses. It seems improbable that the introduction of postcodes would significantly improve postal operations' efficiency.

2. Other postal administrations' postcodes typically contain five to seven digits and identify all buildings serviced by mail delivery by district and street. If each of the three million local residential and business addresses is to be issued a unique and structured postcode, postcodes up to 15 digits in length may be required. As a result, the adoption of such a postcode system is inconvenient.

What is Hong Kong address format?

Home Delivery:
Mr. Jacky Chan
Flat 13, 12/F
Acacia Building
Clear Water Bay Road
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

P.O. Box Delivery:
Mr. Jacky Chan
P.O. Box 12345
Discovery Bay Post Office (Dby)
Hong Kong

What is Hong Kong Zipcode Format?
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