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About Depto De Jutiapa

A department in Guatemala called Jutiapa Department is near El Salvador and the Pacific Ocean, and it is in Guatemala. Capital: Jutiapa is the city that is in the centre of the country. People live there now. As of 2018, it has 488,395. The department is made up of seventeen cities and towns. Jutiapa is the country's southeasternmost department, and it is officially the only department in the country where there are no Mayan descendants who live there. Sorghum, tobacco, onions, and corn are the main crops. The weather is dry. An important thing to see is the cattle fair. This place is about 405 m above sea level.

Almost everyone in Jutiapa is of European descent and not Mayan-indigenous. In the northern parts of Jutiapa, there are a few descendants of the Xinca population, which is now extinct. The Xinca people did not come from the Mayans.

The cornucopia on the coat of arms shows that Jutiapa is the "barn of the East," which means that Guatemala gets most of its grain from Jutiapa. The horse and the cow are symbols of the cattle, and the books are symbols of educational and cultural progress in the world. Background: La Cruz Hill, which stands guard over the department's main town, has a tower or antenna on top of it. This is a radio station in Jutiapa. Behind the hill, the clouds, the sky, and the sun of Jutiapa, known as "The Sun City," move. To show how proud Jutiapa's sons are every single day, this coat of arms is placed in between two laurel branches on the flag. There are two laurel branches in the middle of the flag, where the coat of arms has been changed and adroned.

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