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About Baden-Wurttemberg

People call the state Baden-Wurttemberg "BW" or "BaWu." It is in southwest Germany, east of the Rhine River. It is part of Germany's western border with France. As of 2019, it has more than 11.07 million people living there over an area of about 35,752 km2. It is the third-largest state in Germany by both area and population (behind North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria). It is a part-sovereign parliamentary republic because it is a part of a federation. City of Stuttgart is the most important city in Baden-Wurttemberg. Then Mannheim and Karlsruhe are the next two cities down. Freiburg im Breisgau, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Pforzheim, Reutlingen, Tubingen, and Ulm are some of the other big cities in the state of Germany.

Now, what is it? In the past, Baden-Wurttemberg was made up of the historical territories of Baden, Prussian Hohenzollern, and Wurttemberg. It was formed in April 1952 when Wurttemberg-Baden, South Baden, and Wurttemberg-Hohenzollern joined together. After World War II, the Allies made these new states out of the traditional states Baden and Wurttemberg by splitting them up into different occupation zones, which made them look like new states.

There are a lot of different industries in Baden-Wurttemberg, such as car manufacturing and electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. The service sector is also a big part of the economy. If you live in Germany, you'll have the third-largest gross regional product (GRP). Part of the Four Motors for Europe, some of the biggest German companies are based in Baden-Wurttemberg. Mercedes-Benz Group, Porsche, Bosch, and SAP are all based there, as well as SAP.

Landle, which means "land" in the local Swabian, Alemannic, and Franconian languages, is sometimes used as a synonym for Baden-Wurttemberg. It is a diminutive of the word "land" in these languages.

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