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About North Karelia

The Province of North Karelia was a part of Finland from 1960 to 1997, when it was split off from Finland.

It was formed in 1960 when the Province of Kuopio was split up. Eastern Finland was formed in 1997 when it was reunited with Kuopio and merged with the Province of Mikkeli into the new Province of Eastern Finland.

North Karelia is a region in eastern Finland. It is called Pohjois-Karjala in Finnish and Norra Karelen in Swedish. North Savo, South Savo, and South Karelia are all in the same region as Kainuu. Russia is also in the same region as Kainuu (Republic of Karelia). In the eastern part of Finland, it has a border with Russia that is 300 kilometres (190 miles) long. The city of Joensuu is the capital and the largest town in the area.

North Karelia has been able to cut down on long-term illnesses thanks to public health measures. In the 1960s, Finland was the country with the highest death rates from heart disease, and North Karelia had the highest rate. In 1972, a long-term project was started in North Karelia to deal with this risk, and it worked for a while. The health of the whole country has improved as a result. This is still seen as a model for the rest of the country. North Karelia is also known as the most social place in Finland. This is because it has the most people living there.

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