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About Kainuu

Finland has 19 regions. Kainuu is one of the 19 regions that make up Finland. Kainuu is in the middle of North Ostrobothnia, North Savo, and North Karelia. In the east, it also borders Russia (Republic of Karelia) (Republic of Karelia).

Almost all of the biome is made up of a forest that is covered in snow. Many birches, spruces and pines grow in the forest around Kainuu. This is because the area is mostly covered by forests. Lakes, hills, and a lot of uninhabited forest make up the atypical geography and landscape in this area.

People in this area have a lot of lakes. The largest is the Oulujarvi (928.09 km2), one of the largest lakes in Finland. If you live in Vaala or Paltamo or Kajaani, you live on its shores and in the waters and islands of Kainuu.

The highest point in Kainuu is the Iso Tuomivaara (385 m), which is in the town of Hyrynsalmi. The area has a continental climate. On December 31, 2017, Kajaani town centre had 30,028, Vuokatti village had 6,207 people, and Kuhmo town centre had 30,024. (5,349).

In terms of cultural heritage, Kainuu is part of a larger Eastern-Finnish tradition. The dialect of Kainuu is similar to the dialects of Savonian and Karelian.

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