Viljandi Estonia Postal Code

About Viljandi

Viljandi County is one of the 15 counties in Estonia, and it is in the country. It is in the southern part of Estonia, near Parnu, Jarva, Jogeva, Tartu, and Valga counties.

There were 17,407 people living in Viljandi and its surrounding area in 2019. There are two big cities in Estonia that are near each other: Parnu and Tartu. The capital of Viljandi County is called Viljandi. During the year 1283, Wilhelm von Endorpe, who was mayor of the town, gave it a charter for a town. During the early 14th century, the town became a member of the Hanseatic League. It is one of five Estonian towns and cities that are part of the league. Sakala, an important Estonian newspaper that was founded in Viljandi in 1878, is now out of print.

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