Rapla Estonia Postal Code

About Rapla

Rapla is a small town in central Estonia. It is the capital of Rapla County and the centre of Rapla Parish, and it has a lot of interesting things to do. Old records show that it was a small village with 8 acres of cultivated land in 1241. By the end of the 13th century, the centre of the village was well-established. There was also a Cistercian monastery built at the same time as this

As far back as the late 19th century, Rapla had a period of rapid growth, but it didn't start until then. In 1866, a pharmacy was built, and in 1868, a school was built. In 1888, a hospital was also built. At some point in 1898, a brick factory started making bricks. In 1900, a rail line was built between Rapla and Viljandi. There used to be a church made out of stones, but it was demolished in the late 1800s. A new one was built in a Romanesque style, and it is one of the best examples in Estonia.

During the year 1913, Rapla had about 20 stone and 60 wooden homes. Volunteer Fire Company: This group was formed during this time. The Song and Music Society: This group was formed during this time. The Society of Agriculture: This group was formed during this time.

Elron runs a train line that goes from Tallinn to Viljandi. It has a train station on the line. In 1931, a narrow gauge rail line from Rapla to Virtsu opened. It was used until 1968.

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