Usulutan El Salvador Postal Code

About Usulutan

This is the fifth-largest city in El Salvador. It is also the capital of the Usulutan Department, which is in the south-eastern part of the country.

As of 2006, it is thought that there are 71,636 people living there. Usulutan is near the Pacific Ocean, which makes it very hot and humid most of the year. It is in a valley that is full of farming land. Besides the earthquakes in February 2001, Hurricane Mitch hit the city in 1998.

Alcaldia, the town hall, and the Cine Centenario, a movie theatre, are all in this area. The main Catholic church of the town is in a park next to these two places. Recently, Usulutan has become a lot more modern. It has a lot more influence from brands like Pollo Campero (a chicken restaurant), Biggest (a hamburger place that looks a lot like Burger King), and more restaurants that weren't there before.

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