La Union El Salvador Postal Code

About La Union

La Union is a town in the department of La Union in the country of El Salvador, and it is called that.

It is the capital of La Union, which is a department in the United States of America. It is the largest city in the department, with about 34,000 people living there. This place used to be known as Puerto San Carlos. It changed its name to La Union on July 13, 1824, when El Salvador became an independent country and joined the United Provinces of Central America. On June 22, 1865, La Union became a department, and the city of La Union became its capital.

As of 2005, the Salvadoran government was working on a new port at La Union that would be more than twice as big as the old one and even bigger than the main port in El Salvador. In November 2012, the port was finished. Since then, it has helped the local economy grow and stay stable, but there is still a lot of competition from San Miguel.

He said that he would build a new city, called "Bitcoin City," in La Union in 2021. Nayib Bukele was the president of Salvador at the time.

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