Izalco El Salvador Postal Code

About Izalco

Izalco is a town in the department of Sonsonate in the country of El Salvador. There is a volcano called Volcan Izalco in the country of El Salvador. It is a very young volcano on one of the sides of the Santa Ana volcano. From the time it was born in 1770 until 1966, it erupted almost every day and was known as the "lighthouse of the Pacific," because it was so bright. Because of that, it hasn't been used very much since then.

People who study history say that the name Izalco comes from the words "obsidian" and "house." This means that it is called "a city of obsidian houses," says historian Jorge Larde y Larin. Tecupan ishatcu, which means "seat of the lords in a place of crystal waters," is said to be the name of the land in its early days. The land was also called muchishatcu, which means "kingdom of the Izalcos."

It also means "place of vigilance or penitence." This is because Izalco is made up of the words obsidian (obsidian), shal (sand), and cali (place), which all come from the word "itz" (house).

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