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Paphos is one of the six districts in Cyprus, and it is in the western part of Cyprus. People live in Paphos, which is the main town and the capital of Cyprus. The entire district is under the control of Cyprus, which is a country that is recognised by the world. This district is made up of four cities: Paphos, Yeroskipou, Peyia, and Polis Chrysonous.

There are 90,295 people in the district in 2011, which is 15.1% of the total population of the island. The district has a total area of 1,396 km2.

A lot of its coast is made up of small beaches, gulfs and coves, capes and points, and little isles. The district is made up of three different types of land: the coastal plain, which is mostly below 200 metres, the hilly area, which goes up to the Paphos forest igneous rocks, and the mountainous area, which is mostly on the Paphos forest igneous rocks. In the north-west of the District, there is the Akamas peninsula, which has a national park where the green sea turtle is safe.

Paphos is a city on the coast of southwest Cyprus. It is the capital of the Paphos District and the largest city in the area. In ancient times, there were two places called Paphos: Old Paphos, which is now called Kouklia, and New Paphos.

There is a highway that connects Paphos to Limassol, the main port on the island, about 50 km (30 miles) west of Paphos. The A6 highway connects both cities. Paphos International Airport is the second-largest airport in Cyprus. If you live there, you'll have a subtropical-Mediterranean climate, with the mildest temperatures on the island.

1980 saw Paphos added to the UNESCO World Heritage List for its ancient architecture and mosaics. It was also important for its ancient religion. Because it and Aarhus were chosen to be a European Capital of Culture for 2017, it will be in 2017.

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