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About Camaguey

Camaguey is a city and municipality in central Cuba. It is the third-largest city in Cuba with more than 321,000 people. It is the capital of the province of Camaguey, and it is very big.

Saint Mary of the Port of the Prince was built in 1514 by Spanish colonists on the northern coast. In 1528, it moved inland to the site of an old Taino village called Camaguey. It was one of the seven first settlements (villas) that the Spanish built in Cuba. Afterward, the city was made into a maze so that attackers would have a hard time getting around inside.

In Camaguey, the clay pot or tinajon is the city's symbol. It is used to catch rain water and keep it fresh. Also, Ignacio Agramonte was born there in 1841. He was an important figure in the Ten Years' War against Spain. Sculptor Salvatore Buemi built a monument to Ignacio Agramonte in the middle of the area. His wife unveiled it in 1912, and it was made by him. Equestrian statues, bronze reliefs that show parts of Agramonte's life, and a sculpture of an old woman are all part of it.

Old town: In July 2008, the old town was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its irregular, maze-like city planning, its important role in early Spanish colonisation, and its rich architecture that shows a wide range of influences.

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