Yambol Bulgaria Postal Code

About Yambol

Yambol is a province in southeastern Bulgaria that is close to Turkey to the south. It is named after its main city, Yambol. Other cities in the area are Straldzha, Bolyarovo, and Elhovo, and they all have their own names. The province has a total area of 3,355.5 km2. It is divided into five municipalities with a total population of 138,429 people as of December 2009.

Yambol is a town in southeast Bulgaria and the capital of Yambol Province. You can find it on both sides of the Tundzha river, which is in the region of Thrace. It is sometimes spelled Jambol.

There are two municipalities in Yambol. It is the administrative centre of both of them. Another one is Tundzha Municipality, which covers the countryside around Yambol. Yambol is the city itself.

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