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About Vratsa

A Bulgarian province called Vratsa is in the northwestern part of the country. It is between the Danube river in the north and Stara Planina mountain in the south. Vratsa is the name of the main city in the area. As of 2016, there are 170 367 people living in the province. It has a total area of 3,619.7 km2 (1,397.6 sq mi).

A city that is the biggest in northwestern Bulgaria is called Vratsa. It is also the administrative and economic centre of the municipality of Vratsa and Vratsa district in the country. In this area, it's about 112 km north of Sofia. It's 40 km southeast of Montana.

The town is at the foot of the Vrachanski Balkan, which has a lot of caves, waterfalls, and rock formations near it. The most well-known are the Ledenika Cave, the Skaklya Waterfall, and the Vratsata Pass, but there are a lot more.

Vratsa's history museum has the Rogozen treasure, which is the largest Thracian treasure in the world, in it.

These days are called Botev Days, and they happen every year in the city. They end with a rally-dawn on June 1 at Hristo Botev Square, and a national service at Mount Okolchitsa on June 2.

Vratsa's motto is "A city like the Balkans - old and young," which means that it is both old and new.

The name comes from the Vratsata Pass, which is near. The name comes from the Slavic word vrata, which means "gate," and the Slavic diminutive placename suffix -itsa, which means "little gate," which is used to translate the Latin name Valve ("double door").

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