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About Varna

People live in Varna, which is the third largest city in Bulgaria. It is also the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and in the Northern Bulgaria area. Varna has been a major economic, social, and cultural centre for almost three millennia because it is in the Gulf of Varna. Varna, which used to be called Odessos, changed from a small Thracian town to a major port on the Black Sea.

Varna is a major place for business, transportation, education, tourism, entertainment, and healthcare, and it's also a good place to live. A lot of people call Sofia the "maritime capital of Bulgaria." It's where the Bulgarian Navy and the merchant marine are based. It was chosen by the Council of Europe in 2008 to be the home of the Black Sea Euroregion. It was named European Youth Capital 2017 in 2014.

The oldest gold in the world came from the Varna culture and was found in the Varna Necropolis. It was dated back to 4600?4200 BC. It was discovered in 1974 that the Varna Necropolis had more than 3000 golden items inside. Since then, 294 burial sites have been found.

Theophanes the Confessor first mentions the name Varna, as the city came to be known, when the Slavics took over the Balkans in the 6th and 7th centuries. In the early Middle Ages, Varangians crossed the Black Sea and reached Constantinople. The name could be from that. There is a word in Swedish called varn that means "shield, defence." Varna could be translated as "defended, fortified place." Vikings came to the town in the Middle Ages. A lot of people think the name comes from the Proto-Indo-European root *uer- that means "flow, wet, river." It could also come from the Proto-Slavic root varn, which means "black."

According to Theophanes, in 680, Asparukh, the founder of the First Bulgarian Empire, defeated an army of Constantine IV near the delta of the Danube River, which is where the Danube meets the Black Sea. He kept following those forces, and he reached "the so-called Varna near Odyssos [sic] and the middlelands of it." Perhaps the new name was first used to refer to a nearby river or lake, a Roman military camp, or an area in the middle of the country. Only later did the city itself get the new name.

People started calling it Varna so long ago that when the Byzantines took back control of the area from the Bulgarians in 975, they kept it instead of calling it Odessos. Often, this is said to be of Carian origin, but there is no modern scholarship to back up this claim.

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