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About Smolyan

Smolyan Province is a province in the southern part of Bulgaria. It is in the Rhodope Mountains, and Greece is to the south. It is named after the city of Smolyan, which is both the administrative and industrial center of the country. The province has a total area of 3,192.8 km2 (1,232.7 sq mi) and 10 municipalities with a total population of 124,795 people as of December 2009.

It is a small town and ski resort in the far south of Bulgaria, near the border with Greece. The name of the town is Smolyan. It is the administrative and economic center of the Smolyan Province. In central Rhodopes, the town is near the Cherna River and the Byala River. It is near popular ski resorts Pamporovo and Chepelare to the south of the Cherna River and south of the Byala River. As of February 2011, there were 30,283 people living there.

Named for a local Slavic tribe, the town's name comes from the word "smola" in the Slavic language ("resin").

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