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About Silistra

It is called Silistra Province because the main city of the province is Silistra. A total of 127,659 people lived there in December 2009. It is made up of seven municipalities. A part of Southern Dobrudja, which was part of Romania until 1940.

Silistra Province has been a farming area for a long time because of its rich soil. The province is known for its pelicans and apricot brandy, but it also has a lot of other things.

Other municipalities are Alfatar, Dulovo, Glavinitsa, Kaynardzha, Sitovo, and Tutrakan, as well as the administrative centre.

Silistra is a town in the northeastern part of the country. Lower Danube River: The town is on the southern bank of this river. It is also the part of this river that doesn't flow into the Danube. People live in Silistra, which is the capital of the Silistra Province. It is also one of the most important cities in the region of Southern Dobrudzha.

Silistra is a major cultural, industrial, transportation, and educational centre in the northeastern part of the country. In addition to a richly-decorated Late Roman tomb, there are the ruins of a Medieval fortress, an Ottoman fort, an art gallery, and a lot more.

Name Silistra may have come from the root of "Istrum," which was the old Thracian name for part of the Danube. If you believe a different theory, you might be right: The name of the city comes from the Latin words "silio" and "stra," which are both words that mean "awl."

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