Shumen Bulgaria Postal Code

About Shumen

Shushen Province is a province in the northeastern part of Bulgaria. Shumen is?named after the main city, Shushen. Since December 2009, there have been 194,090 people living there. It's made up of 10 separate municipalities.

When people in this area see a monument to Bulgaria's 1300-year history in Shumen, they know it. In the cubist style, the monument is 1300 steps high above the town centre. Each step is a year. There are also the Shumen fortress, the Tombul Mosque, and the Shumen Plato National Park that are worth seeing. It has a large library and a big theatre in the middle of the town. The municipal building, which is also in the centre, has a concert hall where there are often symphony concerts. When you go to Shumen, you'll also be near the Shumensko Brewery, which makes popular beer in Bulgaria. The area around Shumen is very important in Bulgarian history, because the first and second capitals of historical Bulgaria are both less than 30 kilometres away from the city.

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