Pleven Bulgaria Postal Code

About Pleven

Pleven Province is a province in central northern Bulgaria. It borders the Danube river, Romania, and the Bulgarian provinces of Vratsa, Veliko Tarnovo, and Lovech, as well as Romania. 11 separate areas, called municipalities, make up the 4,653.32 km2 (1,796.66 sq mi) area of the country, with 269 752 people living there as of February 2011. The capital city of the province is Pleven, which is in the city of Pleven.

There are more people in Pleven than any other city in Bulgaria. It is in the northern part of the country, and it is the administrative centre of the province of Pleven and the municipality of Pleven, which is part of it. It is the most important place for business in the northwest of Bulgaria. 96,610 people live there now.

For the siege of Plevna in 1877, it is well-known around the world. Today, it is the third-largest city in Northern Bulgaria after Varna and Ruse.

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