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About Pernik

Pernik Province is a province in western Bulgaria that is close to Serbia. This country has a big city called Pernik, and other cities are Breznik, Kovachevtsi, Radomir and Tran.

It is a town in western Bulgaria, about 20 kilometres (12 miles) south of Sofia. It has a population of 75,964 as of 2020, making it the second-largest city in Bulgaria. There are more people in Pernik than in Sofia. In the Pernik Valley, it is the main city of the province of Pernik. It is near the Golo Bardo Mountain, Vittosha Mountain, Lyulin and Viskyar mountains. It is on both sides of the Struma River. In western Bulgaria, there is a province called Pernik, which is near the Serbian border. Pernik is the main town in this province.

Pernik was first a Thracian fortress built in the 4th century BC, then a Roman settlement. It became part of the Bulgarian Empire in the early 9th century as an important fortress. The mediaeval town was a key Bulgarian stronghold during the wars between the Bulgarian tsar Samuil and the Byzantine Empire in the 11th century, when it was run by the local noble Krakra of Pernik. It was able to fight off several Byzantine sieges.

From 1396 to 1878, the town was under the rule of the Ottomans. In the 20th century, Pernik grew quickly as a place where coal was mined and heavy industry was done. It was called Dimitrovo from 1949 to 1962 because Bulgarian Communist leader Georgi Dimitrov named it that way, so it was called Dimitrovo during that time.

A festival called Surva is held in the town every year in January. Some people call it the "biggest masquerade party in the Balkan and Eastern Europe." Surva is a festival in Pernik, Bulgaria, where people dress up as characters. When does it happen each year?

Economically, Pernik is a town that makes things. The province's economy is very important because of the work done by businesses. To make things, Pernik is a big city. It is home to the Stomana steel complex; heavy machinery (mining and industrial equipment); brown coals; building materials and textiles are the most important things made there. There is a huge plant for heavy machinery near the city of Pernik called Radomir. It makes excavators and industrial equipment, but it isn't working at full capacity right now. PFC Minyor Pernik and FC Metalurg Pernik are the two football teams in the city of Pernik, and they play each other.

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