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About Haskovo

There is a city called Haskovo in southern Bulgaria. It is in the region of Northern Thrace, and it is the administrative centre of the province of Haskovo. It is close to the borders of Greece and Turkey. People in Haskovo live in the seventh-largest area in Bulgaria, and it has a population of 184,731. This is according to the Operative Program for Regional Development. There were about 74,826 people living in the Town of Haskovo at the end of December, 2013.

When did the first people start living in Haskovo? Around 5000 BC. In 1985, Haskovo became a town for the first time. To remember the event, a new clock tower was built in the middle of the town.

Haskovo Cove is on Greenwich Island in Antarctica. It is named after the city of Haskovo, which is on Greenwich Island.

Many[who?] think that the name came from the Arabic word "has." There are some who say it comes from the Turkish word "has." This word has roots in the word "clean," they say. By 1782, the name of the town was Marsa, and it was called that until then. Since then, it has been called "Haskoy." The Bulgarian (and other Slavic) suffix "-ovo" was used instead of the Turkish "koy" when the city was taken over by Bulgarians from the Ottomans.

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