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About Dobrich

Dobrich is the 9th most populated city in Bulgaria. It is also the administrative centre of Dobrich Province and the capital of the region of Southern Dobrudzha, which is part of Bulgaria. One of the best places to visit in Bulgaria is Albena Beach, which is about 30 km from the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is also close to other popular places to visit in the country like Balchik or Albena. In January 2012, 90,375 people lived in the city limits of Dobrich. The name of the city comes from the Bulgarian mediaeval ruler of the area around it, Dobrotitsa. An important part of the economy is farming.

In Antarctica, a hill on Livingston Island called Dobrich Knoll is named after Dobrich. One of the things to look at is the Dobrich TV Tower.

City: Dobrotitsa was a 14th-century ruler of the Dobrujans. The city's name comes from the Slavic word "good," which means "good."

History: The city has changed its name many times. Hacolu Pazarcik was the name of the town when it was first built in the 16th century during the Ottoman period. It was named after the Turkish merchant who set up the settlement and to distinguish it from the bigger town of Pazarcik (today Pazardzhik).

On February 19, 1882, the people of the town voted to change the name to Dobrich. This was after the Bulgarian state became an independent country. When Romania took over Southern Dobruja in 1913 after the Second Balkan War, the city was called Bazargic, which is the Romanian word for the Turkish name it had before that.

On September 25, 1940, as part of the Treaty of Craiova, the city was returned to Bulgarian rule, and the name "Dobrich" was once again in use. During the Communist era, the city was changed to Tolbukhin in honour of Soviet Marshal Fyodor Tolbukhin, who died in 1949. Finally, when the Zhivkov regime came to an end, the name of the city was changed back to "Dobrich" by presidential decree on September 19, 1990.

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