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Postal Code Bulgaria

Bulgaria, which borders the Black Sea, gained independence from the Soviet Union with the fall of the Soviet Union. At the conclusion of the Ottoman realm, Bulgarian had a working postal system. The latter, on the other hand, lasted for over 500 years. Around 1800, the earliest efforts at revolt for independence were documented. The Turks brutally massacred the freedom activists during the April 1876 rebellion, precipitating the Russian-Turkish War of 1877/78. Russian forces had dominated the conflict, advancing all the way to Constantinople's gates. The conflict ended quickly with the Peace of St. Stephen, which established the groundwork for the birth of Bulgaria. In 1879, with the assistance of Russia, a post and telegraph office was established, which was later legitimised by the Universal Postal Union. The postal Bulgarian logo is based on the insignia of the golden Bulgarian lion, which has decorated previous flags and currently adorns the Bulgarian navy's badge. The lion of the products is shown within the coachman's horn, black on a white backdrop. In 1997, the Bulgarian Post altered its corporate structure and became a spa.

Which spelling style should I use?

Despite the fact that Bulgaria utilises the Cyrillic script, an envelope or shipment can nevertheless be addressed using Latin characters. This makes logical, as the courier must be aware that the product is being delivered to Bulgaria. This is the primary reason why the final line of the address format includes the country's international name. Now, do not be alarmed, since the Bulgarian authorities are well-versed in Latin letters. Indeed, the Bulgarian section is written in the Bulgarian variant of the Cyrillic alphabet. The Bulgarian alphabet, which is comparable to the Latin alphabet, consists of 30 letters.

If, for example, an expedition is planned to Sofia University, Bulgaria's first university, the Bulgarian address composition should be as follows:

St. Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia

Boulevard Tsar Osvoboditel 15

Sofia 1504


In contrast, the following is the equivalent address in Bulgarian (in Cyrillic script):

". "

"аp освоодител" ул. 15

1504 oи


What is Bulgaria address format?

Home Delivery:

Detelina Ivanova Khristova
ul. Aleksandŭr Ekzarkh 2

Post Box Delivery

Vyara Atsenova Naidenova
Poshtenska kut’ya 111
1606 SOFIA

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