Belgium Postal Code

Belgian postal codes

Belgium uses a four-digit ZIP code system. The first two digits define the city while also dividing the country into distinct postal zones. It starts with 10 in Brussels and continues clockwise until Eeklo, which starts with 99. The target area's post office is determined by the last two numbers. Postal codes, on the other hand, may not always correspond directly with municipal boundaries.

Belgium has a significant CAP.
The following are some of the most important ZIP codes in Belgium:

1020: Brussels-Laken
1000: Brussels-Centre
1070: Anderlecht 
1120: Neder-Over-Heembeek, Brussels
1400: Nivelles 
1410: Waterloo
1130: Brussels Haren 
1500: Halle

The European Parliament's postal code is 1047, the EU Council's and the European Council's (Consilium) postal code is 1048, and the European Commission's postal code is 1049. NATO's postal code is 1110. If the ZIP code you're looking for isn't available, please try our postal codes search.

What is Belgium address format?

Monsieur Alain Dupont
Directeur Service Clients
Acme Sa
Bloc A - ETage 4
Rue Du Vivier 7C Bte 5
1000 Bruxelles

What is Belgium Zipcode Format?
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