Spitak Armenia Postal Code

About Spitak

Spitak is a town and urban municipal community in Armenia's Lori province in the northern part of the country. If you live in Yerevan, it's 96 km (60 miles) north. It's also 22 km (14 miles) west of Vanadzor. Spitak was completely destroyed by a huge earthquake in 1988. It was rebuilt in a slightly different place. This is how big the town was in 2011: 12,881. As of 2016, the town had an estimated population of about 11,000 people.

When the area had a lot of baths, the town was called Hamamlu, which means "bath." In 1948, it was changed to Spitak, which means "white" in Armenian because of the white limestone rocks in the area. People say the word "spitak" because it comes from the Middle Persian word "spdag."

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