Skrapar Albania Postal Code

About Skrapar

Skrapar District was one of the 36 districts in Albania that were dissolved in July 2000 and replaced by 12 new counties. They were replaced by 12 new counties. 29,874 people lived there in 2001. It was 775 km2 big. orovod was the capital of the country. In Berat County, there are now two towns: Skrapar and Polican.

Skrapar is a town in Berat County in southern Albania. 2015 saw the merger of the municipalities Bogov, epan, Gjerbas, Leshnj, Potom. Qendr Skrapar, Vendresha, and Zhep were also merged into the new city. When you live in the town of orovods, you live in the town of a town. In the 2011 census, there were 12,403 people living there, spread out over an area of 832.04 km2. A part of the old district of Skrapar, but not the town of Polican, is now part of this new district.

Albanian "ethnographic region" Skrapar is also close by. This region is known for its folklore, raki production, high number of people who belong to the Bektashi order, and beautiful mountain scenery.

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