Korce Albania Postal Code

About Korce

Korce was one of the 36 districts of Albania that were dissolved in July 2000 and replaced by 12 counties. Korc District was one of them. People lived there in 2001, and it was 1,752 km2 (676 sq mi). People lived in the city of Korc as the capital of the country. Now, it's a part of Korc County. The municipalities of Korc, Maliq, and Pustec live there now.

Korc District was one of the two main minority areas in the south of the country. It was during World War I that a country called Korca was set up in the area.

Because it was so big, it was the biggest district in Albania. It had an area of 1,752 km2 (676 sq mi). It was in the southeastern part of Albania, from lat. 40?27'N to lat. 40?57'N, and from long. 21?4'E to 20?19'E, and it was in Albania.

With Pogradec District to the north, Greece with Florina regional unit (Greek Macedonia) on its eastern side, and Devoll District to the southeast, it was bordered by a lot of different places. It was also bordered by Kolonj, Prmet, and Gramsh Districts.

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