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About Districts of Republican Subordination

Districts of Republican Subordination is a region in Tajikistan that is divided into nine districts and four district-level cities that are directly administered by the central government. Dushanbe, Tajikistan's capital, is surrounded by Districts under Central Government Jurisdiction but is not included in them. The region has an area of 28,500 square kilometres and has a population of 2,165,900 people (2020). In 2010, the districts were 85 percent Tajik and 11.7 percent Uzbek.
The Districts under to Central Government Jurisdiction include a large portion of the old Gharm Oblast, which ceased to exist in 1955. Previously, they were known as the Karotegin Region.
The river Vakhsh, a right-hand tributary of the Amu Darya, cuts across the plateau. The Gissar and Zeravshan mountains form the northern boundary, while the Darvaz range, at 7,600 metres, forms the southern border (24,900 ft). The winter environment is exceptionally harsh: snow starts to fall in October and continues to fall until May. However, during the warmer months, the mountainsides are densely forested with the leaves of maple, mountain ash, apple, pear, and walnut trees; orchards provide not only apples and pears, but also peaches, cherries, mulberries, and apricots. Cattle and horses are both tiny and tenacious breeds.

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