Asir Zip code

Asir Zip code / Asir Postal Code

Asir zip code also known Asir postcode, postal code for Asir saudi arabia system was developed by the SaudiPost to identify the graphical area and locate places. Asir saudi arabia zip code is used a 9-digit postal format XXXXX-XXXX, the first 5 digit represent the city code, and last 4 digit represent the Asir Saudi National Address location.

for example postal code for Asir 61361-0000, where 61361 is a Bishah city code and 0000 is excat national address in Bishah Asir.

There are total 15 Postal code in Asir.


1. How many digits are there in a Asir saudi arabia zip code?

Asir saudi arabia zip code used a 9-digit zip code system. for example 61361-0000

What is Asir Address Format?


What is Asir Zipcode Format?
Asir Saudi Arabia Postal code format