Tasman Zip code

Tasman Zip code / Tasman Postal Code

Tasman Postcode also known as Tasman Zip Code, introduced by NZPost and implemented in June 2006, Tasman Postcode is consists of four digits in the format XXXX, the first digit represents the postal zone, and the last 3 digits represent the city or special area in Tasman to identify specific areas and locations for mail delivery.

There are total 57 postcode in Tasman and range of zipcode is 3076 to 9846. View all the postcode on map of Tasman by clicking on our mapview appliction.


1. What is the format of Postcode of Tasman?
Tasman postcode follow the standard 4-digit format is XXXX.

2. How many postcode are there in Tasman?
There are approximately 57 postcodes in Tasman, covering a vast area of the state.

3. Do all areas in Tasman have postcode?
Yes, almost all populated areas in Tasman are assigned a unique postcode for mail delivery purposes.

What is Tasman Address Format?

Henry Martinez
43 Vogel Street
Mapua 7005
New Zealand

What is Tasman Zipcode Format?
Tasman New Zealand Postal code format