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Phoenix Islands has eight atolls and two submerged coral reefs that are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, near Samoa. The Phoenix Islands are called Rawaki, and they are east of the Gilbert Islands and west of the Line Islands, near Samoa. All of them belong to a country called the Republic of Kiribati, and they are called "Kiribati." They have a total land area of 28 square km (11 sq mi). Canton Island is the only island that is used for business (also called Abariringa). All the other islands are Enderbury, Rawaki, Manra, Birnie, McKean, Nikumaroro, Gardner, Orona, and Nikumaroro (also known as Gardner) (formerly Hull). About 120 kinds of coral and more than 500 kinds of fish live in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, which was set up in 2008. It is one of the world's largest protected areas and is home to more than 500 kinds of fish. In Kanton Island, there are a few families who live. All of the Phoenix Islands are uninhabited except for those families. At different times in history, the Phoenix Islands have been thought of as part of the Gilberts island group (which itself was sometimes known as the Kingsmill island group). Baker Island and Howland Island, two unincorporated territories of the United States that are north of the Phoenix Islands, could be thought of as part of the same island group as the Phoenix Islands in terms of geography. Howland and Baker, on the other hand, are part of a group called the United States Minor Outlying Islands. This group is used for political and statistical purposes. At one time, the United States owned all of the Phoenix Islands because of the 1856 Guano Islands Act. Then in 1979, when Kiribati became a sovereign country, the United States signed the Treaty of Tarawa with Kiribati. Under this agreement, the United States gave up all claims to the Phoenix Islands (except for Baker and Howland), which then became part of Kiribati. During the 1840s, the Phoenix Islands began to be called that because one of the islands in the group had been called Phoenix Island before that time. This generalisation was made from the name of that island (probably because Phoenix was a common name for the whaling ships that frequented the nearby waters at the time). This is how it worked: The British Empire tried to colonise these islands in late 1930s, but it didn't work out well (through the Phoenix Islands Settlement Scheme).

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