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There are 11 atolls and coral islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, south of the Hawaiian Islands. The Line Islands, Teraina Islands, or Equatorial Islands (in Gilbertese, Aono Raina) are a chain of 11 atolls and coral islands. The island chain runs from north to south for 2,350 kilometres (1,460 miles), making it one of the world's longest island chains. Atoll Kiritimati has more land area than any other island in the world, which makes it the largest. A reef called Filippo Reef is shown on some maps, but it isn't clear if it is real, Only the Kiritimati and Tabuaeran atolls and Teraina Island have people who live there all year round. All of the 11 islands were formed by volcanic activity. In Kiribati, eight of the islands are part of the group of islands that are called islands. Kingman Reef, Palmyra Island, and Jarvis Island are all U.S. territories that belong to the United States Minor Outlying Islands group. They are all mostly underwater. It goes through the Line Islands on the way to the International Date Line. People who live in Kiribati are in the world's most forward time zone, UTC+14:00. It's about the same time of day as Hawaii in the United States. The date is one day ahead of Hawaii. It takes 26 hours for the Line Islands to be 26 hours ahead of other places in Oceania, like Baker Island, which is UTC+12:01.

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