Laikipia Postal Code

Laikipia Postcode / Laikipia Zipcode

Laikipia post code also known Laikipia postal code, Laikipia Kenya postal code system was developed by the Postal Corporation of Kenya in 1998 to identify the graphical area and locate places.  Laikipia used a 5-digit postal format XXXXX, The first digit represent the postal region, and next 2 digit represent the regional postal distribution and Last 2 digit represent the delivery office in the Laikipia. There are total 17 postal code range is 10105 to 20330.


1. How many digits are there in a Laikipia Kenya postal codes?
Laikipia Kenya used a 5-digit postal code system.

2. What is the postal code for Karandi, Laikipia?
Karandi, Laikipia postal code is 20328.

3. What is the postal code for Wiyumiririe, Laikipia?
Wiyumiririe, Laikipia postal code is 20329.

What is Laikipia Address Format?

Susan Chepngeno
129 Igwamiti, Rumuruti Road

What is Laikipia Zipcode Format?
Laikipia Kenya Postal code format