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Zarqa is the capital of Jordan's Zarqa Governorate. Its name literally translates as "the blue (city)." It has a population of 635,160 persons in 2015, making it Jordan's second largest city after Amman.
Zarqa is situated in northeast Jordan, in the Zarqa River watershed. The city is located around 15 miles (24 kilometres) northeast of Amman.
Although it has been inhabited since the first century, the city of Zarqa was founded in 1902 by Chechen refugees fleeing the Ottoman and Russian Empires' conflicts. They established themselves around the Zarqa River. At the time, the new hamlet was served by a station on the Hejaz Railway. Zarqa became a major centre as a result of the railway station. On 10 April 1905, the Ottoman ruler issued an order granting Chechen immigrants the right to hold the territories on which they established themselves. The population then rose rapidly. On 18 November 1928, the newly formed Jordanian government issued a proclamation establishing the city of Zarqa's first municipal council.
After the formation of the Transjordan Frontier Force in 1926, the British Army erected military bases in the city, which became known as the "military city." Zarqa was the headquarters of Jordan's Arab Legion.

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Yusuf Khan
12 Suhaib Bin Sinan Street
Hittin Camp

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