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Karak is one of Jordan's governorates, situated south of Amman, the country's capital. Al Karak serves as the capital. It is bounded on the north by Madaba and the Capital governorates, on the east by Ma'an Governorate, on the south by Tafilah Governorate, and on the west by the Dead Sea.

History of antiquity
During the first millennium BC, the Karak Governorate was home to the Kingdom of Moab. Their capital and stronghold are thought to be located near Al Karak, once known as Moab's Qir.
The province was briefly ruled by the Persians, and then by the Nabateans, until the Romans entered the Levant and seized their capital, Petra; in the fourth century, a Roman legion, the Legio IV Martia, established a headquarters fortification at Betthorus (now el-Lejjun) near Karak. Around the year 530, the Byzantine Empire formed a vassal state under the Ghassanids' control. At the Battle of Mu'tah in 629 AD, the city of Mu'tah saw the first fight between Muslim Arabs and Byzantines.
The arrival of the crusaders resulted in the establishment of the Principality of Kerak, which served as a focal point of conflict between the Ayyubids and the crusaders.

Contemporary history
Karak was under Ottoman authority from the 15th century until 1917, when it became the Emirate of Transjordan. Kerak became a governorate on June 16, 1966, with the establishment of the administrative governorates system in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with Waheeb Al-Bitar as its first governor.

Mujib Wadi (Arnon River)
Karak Governorate is located along the Dead Sea's south eastern shore and the mountain group known as the Mountains of Moab. The Wadi Mujib, biblically known as the Arnon River, runs through the Karak Governorate's highlands and empties into the Dead Sea. The governorate's cities range in height from about 1000 metres above sea level in the South Mazar Department to 800 metres above sea level in the northern districts to around 330 metres below sea level in the Ghor Al-Safi Department. Two roads link the governorate to the rest of Jordan:
Highway 65, also known as the Kings Highway
Highway 15, also known as the Desert Highway

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Muhammad salman
Karak Kasbah St. 33
Al Adnaniyah

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